WE’RE BACK! Our September issue is here!

Dear Readers,

Expanded Horizons is back! This year has been very difficult for me with the passing of my beloved grandfather, Morris Stone (ז״ל), who, along with my grandmother, have resided with me for the last two years, ever since the fire in May 2013 that burned their house. The spring and summer issue of Expanded Horizons took a backseat to family matters, and, alas, never happened.

But, with the start of the new year (can you believe Rosh Hashanah is less than two weeks away already?!), Expanded Horizons gets back up, dusts itself off, and carries on with life, as we all must eventually do after we lose a loved one.

So I bring you four stories — of magic in a Japanese internment camp, of a lesbian love between ghosts, of a transgender time traveler, and of an ancient river spirit who has lost her way. Come inside and enjoy!

If you like the issue and appreciate our efforts, please consider making a donation to Expanded Horizons through the PayPal button on the right. Our next issue will be released in October, 2015. (That’s right — next month!)

– Dash, for Expanded Horizons

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