Issue Sixteen (Mar 2010)

Expanded Horizons extends special thanks to this month’s “Story Sponsor,” who wishes to remain anonymous, and who has generously given to Expanded Horizons in honor of hearing dogs.

General Akmed’s Revenge? by Saladin Ahmed

“Today we destrrroy Amerrrica.”

Muhammad Mattawa twisted his face into a melange of rage and barbaric triumph. He was rallying a bloodthirsty crowd. He needed to be more forceful. He raised his voice, tried again.

A Curse, Like a Keepsake by Stellan Thorne

They called him the Baron,‭ ‬the man that owned the Castle.‭ ‬He lived in the penthouse,‭ ‬far above us,‭ ‬and there was a sleek elevator that opened only with his silver key.‭ ‬Sometimes I overheard a snatch of gossip about him:‭ ‬he was solitary,‭ ‬foreign,‭ ‬a heartless skinflint,‭ ‬but–oh–he had such wonderful taste:‭ ‬every scrap of carpet,‭ ‬every chandelier,‭ ‬had to pass under his gaze.‭ ‬He had an eye for beauty.‭

Visions by Fadzlishah Johanabas

“Can you take me to the toilet? I think there’s a monster in there.”

I studied the girl before me, who could not have been older than eight. She spoke with a slight lisp, her two front teeth were missing, and her long hair jutted out in places, as if she had just gotten out of the bed. Her white-with-cartoon-prints hospital pajamas looked a size too big for her. I bent down to her eye level – she had the longest lashes I had ever seen; she would grow up to be a beautiful woman.

The Spitfire by Julie K. Rose

The Spitfire Mk‭ ‬1‭ ‬can reach speeds of‭ ‬362‭ ‬mph,‭ ‬particularly when evading a‭ ‬Bf‭ ‬109e.‭ ‬Its speed is significantly lower when wheels-up‭ ‬in the middle of a Welsh creek,‭ ‬known to the locals as a cilfach.‭   ‬Which is where we find‭ ‬RAF‭ ‬Flight Lieutenant Robert K-S,‭ ‬of the‭ –‬-‭ ‬Group,‭ ‬–‭ ‬Squadron,‭ ‬who was brought down in late July‭ ‬1940‭ ‬by a‭ ‬Messerschmitt‭ ‬somewhere west of Cardiff,‭ ‬in the Vale of Glamorgan.‭

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