Issue Three Contributor Biographies

Natalie L. Sin

Natalie L. Sin is a horror writer and avid coffee drinker, not necessarily in that order. Sin has appeared in “Necrotic Tissue”, Strange, Weird, and Wonderful, “The Monsters Next Door”, “Macabre Cadaver”, and “Tales from the Moonlit Path”. Her dream is to have one of her stories inspire a Hong Kong movie. In the meantime, Sin continues to honor the source of her inspiration by making awful things happen there.

Angela Ambroz

Angela Ambroz lives and works in Suva, Fiji, as an environmental economist. She is Italian-Slovenian, educated in the US and UK. She has a personal interest in postcolonialism, diasporas and, of course, science fiction.

Heather Parker

Until recently, Heather Parker worked for the University of Cumbria, but now writes semi-professionally. She has won prizes in several UK competitions and many of her stories have been published in popular British magazines. One has appeared in a new book of mystery stories in the USA and her fantasy novel will be published in October by Drollerie Press.

Jason Heller

Jason Heller has been writing sporadically since his epic poem about alligators appeared in Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine when he was 8. His speculative fiction and poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Apex Magazine, Pear Noir!, and Kaleidotrope. He’s currently a writer and editor for The Onion A.V. Club and makes noise in a punk band called The Fire Drills. They do the worst Cheap Trick cover you’ve ever heard. Find him at

Rebecca Nesvet

Rebecca Nesvet earned the MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University in 2008. Her scripts have been internationally produced and stage-read, and won several awards, including First Place in the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation competition, First Place in the Association for Theatre in Higher Education’s Playworks Competition, Second Place in Sonoma County Rep’s, Nominations for Best Original Writing and Best Overall Production in the Desert Theatre League (California’s) Desert Star Awards, Finalist status in the Magic Theatre’s Sloan Foundation-funded science plays competition, and, at NYU, a $10,000 Sloan Writing Grant (for science-themed feature screenplays) and the departmental Chair’s Award.

Her poetry is published in the British magazines Haiky Quarterly and Avocado, and she has taught Creative Writing as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire in England for two years.