Issue Twenty-Four Contributor Biographies

Malon Edwards

Malon Edwards was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, but now lives in the Greater Toronto Area. Much of his speculative fiction features people of color. He serves as a Grants Administrator for the Speculative Literature Foundation‘s Older Writers and Gulliver Travel Research Grants, which provides $750 and $800, respectively, for writers of speculative literature.

Zen Cho

Zen Cho was born in Malaysia. She is currently based in London and blogs at

Eliza Victoria

Eliza Victoria lives in the Philippines, where she has published fiction in various publications (Philippines Free Press, Philippine Graphic, Story Philippines, Very Short Stories for Harried Readers, and Philippine Speculative Fiction IV). Visit her at

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a Mexican native who now lives in Canada with her family and two cats. When she’s not writing, you can find her working on Innsmouth Free Press. She blogs and Twitters from time to time.

Omar Zakaria

Omar Zakaria hails from several dozen different places at once – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Connecticut, Georgia, and now, most recently, the San Francisco Bay area. Although an engineer by training, he has always enjoyed spinning stories for audiences, whether in front of a campfire, in an auditorium, or on some foolscap for others to relish in his absence. He’s currently working on his second novel. His entry, “Shaken,” is a story set in the same world.

Csilla Kleinheincz

Csilla Kleinheincz is a Hungarian-Vietnamese writer living in Kistarcsa, Hungary. Besides translating classics of the fantasy genre, she works as an editor at Delta Vision, a major Hungarian fantasy publisher. Her short stories appeared in English in Interfictions anthology and in various European languages.

James Ng

James Ng (pronounced Ing) was born in Hong Kong, where he spent most of his childhood drawing monsters and robots, making his own elaborate cardboard toys, and playing soccer. Ever since, he has been on the move between Hong Kong, Vancouver, Chicago and New York. His travels have greatly influenced him, allowing him to combine Eastern and Western cultures in his artwork.

Currently James is enjoying the freedom of being a freelance concept artist and illustrator. He travels from city to city while working on his laptop. After a sunny summer in Vancouver, and traveling to London, and then a visit to New York for an award show and exhibition, he is back in his home of Hong Kong to plan for his next trip. One day, he hopes to start a design company with some friends, and maybe even direct a movie featuring all his monsters and robots.

James would love to hear your comments and criticism regarding his artwork. Feel free to drop him an email, all mail will be answered!