Issue 26 (Jan 2011)

Sensitive Ice by Keyan Bowes

Tall, slender, dark smooth skin, and those eyes! Clear, glittering, the iris that looked like crystal. Those unearthly eyes were what made Anyango a super-model. They flashed above jewelry by Cartier, above perfumes by Xikain, above lipsticks by ReFactor, and today, above a small snow-leopard cub for a wildlife conservation group.

re: The Last Man on Earth by Eric Del Carlo

I cannot BELIEVE this! I got the lights on here half an hour ago, after 3 days of trying. This is a police station, left wide open like most everything else. It’s got its own generator but I’ve never run a generator before. I threw switches, pressed buttons at random. At one point I don’t mind saying I just sat there and cried, with this dead body in sergeant’s stripes sitting at the desk opposite me.

Cave-smell by Shweta Narayan

My mother was a brown bear
‎honey-lover,‭ ‬heavy paw
‎‏cave-smelling warm

Captivating Conversations: A book review by Ayana Kee

Although much has been written about the legendary writer Octavia Butler (1947-2006), there have been no nonfiction compilations of media about this trailblazing Black woman science-fiction writer–until now. In Conversations with Octavia Butler, Conseula Francis, an associate professor of English and director of African American studies at the College of Charleston, has compiled a varied set of twenty-three interviews.

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