Issue 27 (Feb 2011)

Intersections by Eliza Victoria

There was no storm but when Jacob woke up it was raining again. It had been raining for five days now. Every now and then the skies would take a break, but since the clouds were too thick to let the sun shine through, these rainless episodes did nothing else but surprise him with the sudden silence.

The Mermaid’s Eldest Sister by Keyan Bowes

Adel the Heir-Presumptive sat cross-legged in the damp sand, beneath the palm trees that edged the narrow beach. The sea already sparkled beneath the rising moon. He’d been delayed by the King his father, who demanded a rare progress report and then took the occasion to inform him that the Queen was again with child. Was he too late?

Daughters of Kali by Neesha Meminger

The mother grasped her daughter’s hands tightly.‭ “‬Rein it in,‭ ‬my love.‭ ‬You know not your own power.‭” ‬And here she looked at the ground,‭ ‬searching,‭ ‬searching.‭ “‬I will not be there to guide you the entire path,‭ ‬but promise me—your urge will be strong.‭ ‬Do not give in.‭”

Cosmic Cacoethes by Devyani Borade

I own a spacecraft. It’s called, um, ASpacecraft. I use it for (what else?) space travel. I keep it in the paper-clip box at the bottom of my desk drawer. The paper-clip box is nearly empty, just a couple of paper-clips left in it, so ASpacecraft fits in pretty snugly.

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