Issue 32 (Nov 2011)

Special thank you to David Stone for his generous contribution to this issue of Expanded Horizons.

Marriage of True Minds by Keyan Bowes

The surging crowd overruns the dark green lawns and gravel walk in front of the gray stone building. At the main door, ushers fend off a crowd of protestors who carry banners that say MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN, and PRESERVE OUR FAMILY VALUES, and UNNATURAL! People singing slogans have flattened the pansies and petunias and sweet alyssum edging the path, knocked over the potted chrysanthemums.

Conjuring Shadows by Craig Laurance Gidney

Mrs. Alberta Dufresne’s collection of Harlem Renaissance era art is small but impressive.  She has a William Johnson piece, a sketch by Jacob Lawrence, and a maquette by Augusta Savage.  Lesser known artists are included, along with a smattering a of first edition volumes (Van Vetchen’s Nigger Heaven, Hurston’s Of Mules and Men) and a file cabinet of correspondence.

Skinchanger Tales by Maria Velazquez

i wanted the sand, rough, to scrape me
be soft and skinless
so i left it puddled by the beach, near the sea
something else to dive into
i wanted to feel the sun

The Ten Thousand Steps by A.J. Fitzwater

Flawless as only magic could make them, the steps wound out of sight into the cloying darkness above. Katewin puffed out her cheeks and pushed against her thighs. That stunning perfection now warranted inventive curses.

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