Issue 41 (Dec 2013)


Swallowing Saturday by Catherine Batac Walder

Pacita’s Lock
Rise: Six feet
This lock is far from the Tidal Thames and knows nothing of floods from other lands. It fills rapidly, shutting out what it hears. This lock has a preference for rememberers who can’t forgive.

Pacita received the invitation to Elvie’s wedding on the day her five-year-old swallowed Saturday for a fifth week in a row.

Daughters of the Air by Gail Labovitz

This was before the movies.

Did the prince marry her, or go did he instead through with the marriage to the one he thought he loved, the one he thought had rescued him? Did she get her voice back? Silly questions. Before the movies, what prince or princess was married for love? What did it matter if a woman had a voice?

But perhaps the mermaid didn’t have to die for love.


Molting Season by Anne Carly Abad

Throw me into asylum,
but I saw what I saw
Spider Man’s no myth,
no men—
you and I, look
into the two-way mirror,
Spider Man, spider men.

The Five Flavors by Bryan Thao Worra

On a good day, a good Lao meal
Can be all you need, whether in Cairo
Or Sacramento, Minnetonka or Houayxay.

So many hungry ghosts in our traditions
Make me ask:
“Don’t they feed you in the underworld?”


The Robo Sutra (Artwork) by Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell’s art is inspired by Bryan Thao Worra’s poetry, interpreted through a cybernetic, Lovecraftian feel. As the artist puts it, she was inspired by the poem’s technologically surreal tone.

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