Issue 42 (March 2014)


Frequencies by J. Katherine Patt

While he waited, Hollison thought about unhearing—decided if only there was a way to reach in and undo the sound, to unhook it from his temporal lobe, tug it gently past the fragile eardrum, slide it warm and ragged through his Eustachian tube, and fling it into the void, that big empty between stars and planets, maybe then he could fix it all.

Right As Rain by Eric del Carlo

Heath came down the ladder from the apartment building’s roof with a sloshing green bucket, white t-shirt plastering his torso, and a grin which slashed his good strong face. Wet spikes of dark hair stuck up all over his head. I stood in the doorway of our endearingly cruddy one-bedroom apartment, not quite the Honeymoon Suite because we weren’t getting married, though our state had recently graciously granted us that privilege. Still, Heath was the first lover I’d ever moved in with. It was exciting and frightening. Just like the weather had been lately.

“We need more water?” I asked archly. “We don’t have enough leaks in here?”

Accounting by Elan Bashir

The roads winding out to the Sri Lankan countryside were all alarmingly narrow. Still, the wheels of our jeep rumbled unerringly through the mud. I sat in the back with two dozen cloth bags of rice and lentils. My sister and I had landed in Sri Lanka a week ago, and we’d spent the last three days ferrying flood supplies from the city to the villages at its outskirts. The pace of our drive could have been cheerfully jaunty, if only each bounce didn’t make my stomach clench.


The Hard Metaphors by Margaret Kingsbury

Betrayal’s ritual tale begins with
Once upon a time
ambition cut into your heel,
wealth your toes,
yet your very blood betrayed you and
meekness triumphed.
Blood garnered only pain,
a blinding inconsistency.
You were willing to bleed.
Not as a simile.


The Raccoon Express by James Ng

The Raccoon Express is an image from my personal project Imperial Steamworks.

My artwork stems from my own interest in history and inspiration from my upbringing. I am very interested in the Qing Dynasty and the modernization of non-European countries. The Qing Dynasty, the last Imperial dynasty in China, was a time period filled with civil unrest and foreign invaders. The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century allowed Europe to grow very powerful in a short span of time. Europeans reigned supreme and colonized a large portion of the world. My birthplace of Hong Kong was one of these westernized colonies. The Qing Dynasty was brought to an end due to the industrialized Western military.

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