Issue 53 (April 2017)


The Galaxy’s Cube by Jeremy Szal

It was another sweltering night in New Bangkok, and Jharkrat wasn’t selling anything.

Bootblack by Tade Thompson

Statement of LINUS CARTER
July the 27th 189_ 1919
Rewritten by Cpr Samuel Llewellyn due to [unclear]
God save King George.

A Song for Alison by Leigh Harlen

I rummaged through the anatomical heart earrings, the patches with anarchist symbols and hand painted skulls, and the necklaces made from doll hands and clock parts. Great stuff, but nothing I hadn’t seen a thousand times, nothing I didn’t already have stashed in a drawer at home. I hit the switch on a lamp that looked like a human femur.

Uprooted by Will J. Fawley

I’ve never seen the forest, but I know it well — every branch and twig and leaf. I know the tangled underbrush that tugs my cane, and the scent of bark after a downpour. I know the current of leaves above and their crunching underfoot. I know the shadows that fall across each other and the intangible world that exists in the space between trees. Because I know this forest so well, I’m caught by spontaneous nostalgia when it arrives at my doorstep on a foggy morning in May.