Issue 54 (May 2017)


The Giro by T. Rios

Regarding Cuerpo Cristal:

In every way that mattered, it was a city. Despite the stink of krakens rutting alongside the mountains, there were roads, buildings, and enough commerce to keep a steady stream of services shifting between them. There were waterfronts (two, in fact: the broad sweep of the Océano Neumático to the west, and the harsh bend of the Rio Mentrioso to the east), and a tendency on part of the infrastructure to cluster attractions alongside them. The nights were long and full of terrors, and the days too humid to dispel the sense of wonder; but the colonizers had poured enough sweat and bloodshed into Cuerpo Cristal to create something that more-or-less resembled a capital.

Pen Pals by Paul Barton Levenson

solnet 2176 feb 28 13:56
to vallesmarineris.nura.najjar.2161

from l4.akiva.mizrahi.2160

Hi, Pen Pal! My name is Akiva, I’m sixteen, I live on L-4. I’m interested to be talking to someone on Mars. I’ve never been there. In fact, I’ve never been off L-4! But I hope to be an astronaut someday. If I succeed I want to go all over the Solar system. (Everywhere but Earth, ha ha!)

What are you interested in?

Happily Ever After in Twelve Stained Glass Panels by Keyan Bowes

Usually, the Queen rode alone to her hunting lodge deep in the forest. This afternoon, she’d brought her son King Rushken, recently come of age. Now she had to steel herself, resist the urge to turn back, to postpone. Instead she breathed deeply, focusing on familiar scents: leather, horse-sweat, fresh-crushed grass underfoot. Shifting her weight in the saddle, she brought her horse to a stop. “It’s time, son,” she said. “You need to know my story.”

Infectious by Todd Sullivan

The granddaughter of the most powerful witch in the world raised her hand. She stood, and gave Stephen Teacher her sweetest smile. Speaking in clear English, Jong Eun-Yul said, “I promise to be a generous student!”