Issue 56 (August 2017)


We Serve Beer as Cold as Your Ex’s Heart by Vicky Pointing

David drifted away from the usual disjointed images and odd scenarios influenced by pre-bed TV. He found himself by the brick wall of a pub, a blackboard hanging next to its entrance. He read the message written in neat white chalk and smiled, ignoring the pinch to his guts.

The Lady Vanishes by Anna Cabe

For a minute, I thought I saw her.

I didn’t care that I was in a bookstore and was supposed to be “respectful of other patrons” or whatever those signs said. Shoving my way through suburban moms lugging Nora Roberts and their sticky kids, I ran all the way up to her and tapped her shoulder.

Infiltrations of Light by Hilary Biehl

The first time Leda took up residence in the local cemetery, her family worried. They called her psychiatrist, Adult Protective Services, the police. Everyone said the same thing: “She’s not an immediate danger to herself or others. We can’t do anything.” So Leda’s family waited, comforting each other with the thought that it was late spring and the nights were warmer. After two weeks she came home and resumed her daily life of cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, arguing with teachers and doctors.

The Flood of Green by Subodhana Wijeyeratne

The horse stumbles as it reaches the top of the hill and pitches the man forward into the mire. He lands hard and face-first in a spray of mud.

He lies there, motionless, groaning softly. The sun is heavy on his back, and the mud cool, and in any case he is in no hurry. He has come far and his destination is close and it does not matter when he gets there, only that he gets there at all.


Are You My Mother? by Yu-Han Chao

Baby alien with spinal
nerve ears, areolar pia bowtie,
CSF-soaked arachnoid bib
under durable tux…