Issue Nine (July 2009)

The Lynching by Stafford L. Battle

“Dirty South! Ninety-nine good ole Confederate descendants hanging like rotting fruit from an 100-year-old, ivy-choked tree; their battered, mutilated bodies leaking blood, piss and other nasty tidbits; in the middle of a snake-infested Great Dismal Swamp; land cursed by Native Americans, but formerly used as a secret haven for escaped slaves; now a suspected hideout for an illegal meth production facility created by international dope distributors. YES!!”

My Life With a Soundtrack by Kim Sheard

When I was five years old, my dearest desire was to be a letter carrier.  Peeking through the front curtains, I saw our carrier every day.  Often she smiled and waved at me as she dropped our rubber-banded bundle into our box with a swoosh and a plunk.

Solstice in a Summerless Year by Marie Faye Prior

It was a summerless year, the first in her memory.

An oppressive purple sky pushed down on the fields, spreading low clouds of bitter brown gas that tore at the lungs like glass. Crops choked under a blanket of grit and dust, yellow and stunted for lack of sun.

Blurred Edges by Malon Edwards

Interestingly enough, the world doesn’t warp for me in June, July and August. The shimmering, dancing vortices of heat obscure the flick of her sun-sheened, ebony ponytail as she turns away from me. If it’s late September, she allows me only to glimpse how brown her forearms have gotten during the summer because she knows I want to stroke them and feel their fine black down.

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