Issue Ten (Aug 2009)

Icetide by Eric Del Carlo

Pepper got us ejected from the hotel, a vast porcelain dome of a site with fungal art phosphorescing on the lobby walls. He staged a tantrum, batting bags out of the porters’ straining arms, clattering equipment across the oily wood of the floor; adopting a magnificently aggressive stance, up on his hinds, baring those teeth, famous from an interminable array of snarling ads. And here it came: the full-strength, lungs at capacity howl!

Slip Road by Tade Thompson

This story has been removed at the request of the author, and an updated version appears in Issue 43 (July 2014).

Alienation and Love in the Hebrew Alphabet by Lavie Tidhar

An apple tree. A little girl standing beside it.

The apples are small and bitter, like old men; they are wizened and sour.

Reservations by Christopher Green

I park the Saab behind Dan’s pickup to find that winter has taken advantage of his absence. It has thrown itself in steep banks against the windward side of his vehicle; frosted his windows and layered the tailgate with ice. Snow hides all but a few of the bumper stickers he’s plastered across the back of the vehicle. “Custer was Sioux’d” and “Indians discovered Columbus” and “Caught you whitehanded”. A tangle of feathers hangs from the rearview mirror.

Sinking Palaces by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The ground swallowed the car. One minute it was there, the next, plop. Gone. It caused a commotion. An ambulance, cops and a bunch of onlookers gathered to mutter near the accident site. Leonardo banged his palm against his horn.

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