Artwork submissions

We are looking for high-quality artwork that furthers the mission of the magazine.  Please read our general fiction submissions guidelines, as those apply here too. All work should be speculative fiction themed.

We pay a flat fee of $30 per accepted image.

The following guidelines were written by prezzey, our former art editor.

Only submit material that is your own. If we are in doubt, we might require work-in-progress snapshots.

The files should use one of the three standard web image formats: JPG, GIF or PNG, saved at 72 dpi.  Please do not submit more than three pieces at one time. If the total filesize is over 2 MB, do not send the files in e-mail – use a free web-based filesending service or some alternate method. (Ask us if you need assistance.)

We are also interested in artwork that illustrates existing stories available on our site. If you decide to illustrate a story, please mention the story title in your e-mail.

In addition to your one-paragraph biography, you can send another 2-3 paragraphs’ worth of relevant information about the image. This will also be posted on the site.

The following themes and techniques should especially be avoided:

  • people as sex objects (Remember: chainmail bikinis are not useful as armor!)
  • overly graphic violence
  • retraced Boris Vallejo / Julie Bell / Luis Royo paintings (We’ve seen’em all!)
  • generic Poser or DAZ renders
  • overfiltered PS art (If we can tell which filter, it’s probably not subtle enough.)

Please email your artwork to